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I’d love to help. My goal is to bring my authentic self to your project, while getting out of the way so the music flows and you shine.

Whether it’s on stage, in studio, or for screen, I create with courage, warmth and competency. Working with me should feel easy and fun.

Let’s connect and work together to bring the music inside you to life.


Please enjoy the highlight video for a sampling of projects I’ve worked on, or browse the playlists for complete pieces.






Jared Hamilton is a music producer, composer, and arranger – but before that, he was an obsessive music fan and student.  He remembers a busy night early on, when he played in a jazz quartet, a symphony orchestra, and a rock cover band, all within a few hours – “from tuxedo to ripped jeans in one evening,” he recalls. It was a defining moment to realize that his love of music thrived on diversity and variety.  

Since then, Jared has devoted himself to mastering multiple aspects of music creation, and to leveraging those skills to help others.  Integrating diverse influences with the more “homegrown” soul of his native central and southeast Texas, plus classical training and deep intuition, Jared brings many tools and a broad palette to each musical situation.

Over a nearly 20-year career, Jared has contributed music to hundreds of artist recordings, scores for film/video, and live arrangements.  His recorded productions have been streamed over 14 million times on Spotify, and his arrangements have been enjoyed in-person and virtually by hundreds of thousands.  

More importantly, he has earned the trust of dozens of past clients and colleagues, who continue to return. “When I do my job well, I fade into the background,” Jared observes. “The artist or client enjoys creating something authentic, and I enjoy helping them discover, refine, and amplify their own voice. Their success is my success.”

Jared is based just north of Atlanta, where he welcomes collaborators both on-site at his personal studio as well as remotely.




Vanguard V13
Warm WA-251 (pair)
Warm WA-47
Royer R-10
Golden Age R1 ST (coincident stereo)
Mojave MA201 FET
SE Electronics SE4400a (matched pair)
SE Electronics SE8p (matched pair)
Warm WA-47 Jr
Warm WA-84 (matched pair)
AKG C3000
AKG D112 mk2
SE Electronics V7x (pair)
Sennheiser MD421 mk2 (pair)
Shure Beta 58
Shure SM7B
Ludwig Super Classic drumset (1966) - 22” kick, 13” rack, 16” floor
Ludwig Acrolite 5.5x14 snare
Ludwig “keystone badge” marching snare (1960s)
Heartbeat cymbals
NI Maschine mk3
Meinl shakers, tambos
Rhythm Tech shakers
Gibson J45 Deluxe acoustic (1970)
Variax Standard electric (Strat style)
Squier Jazz Bass
Samick Laredo D16 acoustic
Harmony mandolin
Hondo II banjo
Lyons student-size nylon
Line6 HX Effects
Strymon Iridium
Yamaha U3A upright piano (1983)
NI Komplete Kontrol S61 mk2
CasioTone MT-100
Yamaha MOXF8
Behringer Model D
Radial Key Largo
Various extra MIDI controllers (Akai, Alesis, etc.)
NI Komplete Ultimate
UA Moog, Ravel
Arturia V-Collection
Spectrasonics Omnisphere / Keyscape
CineSamples CineBrass / CinePerc / others
Spitfire BBC Orchestra / Albion Neo / Solo Strings / Olafar Arnalds
Orchestral Tools Berlin Woodwinds
AudioBro LA Scoring Strings
That Sound - all libraries
Output Arcade / Exhale
VPS Avenger
reFX Nexus 3
Vienna Ensemble Pro 5
Various from Splice, Orange Tree, ProjectSAM, SoundIron, others
MacBook Pro late 2019 (maxed out)
UA Apollo system (Twin Quad mk2, X8P x 2)
All available Unison preamp models for Apollo
Audient ASP800
Behringer ADA8200
Pro Tools Ultimate
UA Luna
Ableton 11 Suite
Logic Pro X
Behringer X-Touch One
UAD Ultimate 9 (and then some) + Octo Satellite
UA Luna Neve Summing, Studer A800 Tape
Waves Mercury (and then some)
Ceremony Melodyne Editor
FabFilter Total
SoundToys 5 bundle
Slate Everything bundle
Eventide Ensemble bundle
Valhalla all titles
Audio Ease AltiVerb
Relab Complete bundle
iZotope RX7
Leapwing Audio StageOne / DynOne3 / RootOne
Soundtheory Gullfoss
OEK Soothe 2
Cranesong Phoenix II
Various from Kush, Acustica, Plugin Alliance, Metric Halo, Sonnox, Softube, Boz, Klanghelm, Refuse, Audified, etc…
Focal Solo 6 BE (pair)
Presonus Temblor T10 sub
Logitech crap speakers for reality check
TC Clarity desktop metering
Radial & Warm Audio DI’s
CloudLifter and Royer signal boosters
Presonus headphone amps
Sennheiser & Sony headphones
ProJect Debut Carbon turntable

Jared is a massive talent with an even bigger heart for people. His artist-centric approach is humble, skillful, and extremely rewarding. My experience with Jared made me better and developed my record to its fullest potential. Highly recommend.


Artist / Songwriter

Working with Jared has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me as an artist and songwriter. He is a key that unlocks a treasure chest of creativity! He listens and honors songs so well, yet always surprises me with his fresh, genius perspective, his vast knowledge of sound, and his musical experience. He can take your vision to a level you never thought possible. And to top it off, he’s one of the kindest and most humble dudes in the world.


Artist / Songwriter

Jared Hamilton is one of the most talented producers and musical arrangers I've ever worked with. He's worked on several projects for us at Orange, and every single time, his work is even better than we could have imagined. Not only is Jared extremely gifted, but he is also great to work with and always delivers an excellent product on time. I can't recommend him highly enough.


Executive Director of Programming, Orange

Jared is a highly versatile and skilled music creator, with the ability to see numerous possibilities, allow for abstract thinking, and then find concrete solutions to get things done.  He has high standards for quality and innovation, while always putting people first. … He’s earned a great deal of trust from the creative community around him.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone needing to complete a musical project, but perhaps struggling with where to begin... or how to finish.


Author, Communicator, and Founder of North Point Ministries

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